More Hours of Sleep, Improved Sexual Performance?

Mais Horas de Sono, Desempenho Sexual Melhorado?

Sexual desire. These two words symbolize what can be truly fickle and unpredictable. And if, on the one hand, it can be something that invades us in an intense way, on the other, it can also prove to be something difficult to induce.

Many sex therapists identify performance anxiety and communication problems as the main culprits when sexual desire does not awaken in a voracious way. However, Psychology Today magazine revealed that the reasons behind the lack of libido may be different.

Are we too tired?

According to the data revealed, few hours of sleep can affect our sex life. And, even if there are other reasons that trigger this situation, the truth is that a peaceful, quality night's sleep can be the trigger to rekindle our internal “fires”. Sleep better with our Sleep Tight Range.

The relationship between sleep and sex

The relationship between our hours of sleep and our sexuality occupies an important place in the history of social sciences. Obstructive sleep apnea, which causes breathing disorders in the middle of the night, is known to cause fatigue and is considered an important risk factor for sexual dysfunction in men and women.

A recent international survey, related to the impact of sleep on female sexuality, stated that women who slept an extra hour saw their sexual desire increase, reporting fewer problems related to genital arousal and a more satisfactory sexual response compared to those women who slept fewer hours.

Getting better quality sleep can be a significant way to improve your overall quality of life and, more specifically, your sex life. There are many physical and psychological factors that require the skill and intervention of a sex therapist. However, sometimes what seems like a complicated situation may have a simple solution – and that solution may just involve more hours of rest.

How can we achieve more peaceful sleep?

To improve your sleep hours and make them more peaceful, remember to:

  • Add a few drops of lavender oil to your pillow when you go to bed;
  • Take a hot shower before slipping between the sheets;
  • Exercise more throughout the day, even if it's just taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or doing small exercises at home with our Resistance Training Tapes .
  • Get plenty of sunlight during the day, but keep your room as dark as possible when you rest;
  • Keep the room temperature cool;
  • Try reading or meditating, instead of exposing yourself to cell phone or television screens.

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