Cellulite: After all, is it possible to get rid of it or not?

There is no concrete cause for cellulite. Precisely for this reason, there is no ideal product to treat it. Generally, what triggers this problem is a combination of several factors, almost all related to hormones, circulation and taking some medications.

What is cellulite and why is it such a common problem?

Cellulite is a very common and harmless skin disease that causes bulging marks on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. Sometimes, underweight women also develop cellulite, which is not a fat problem, but rather an issue related to the position of fat cells in the woman's body, which tend to be located on the arms, thighs and midsection. lower body. In these areas, we also have a higher density of fat cells, with a greater capacity for fluid congestion.

As we age, connective fibers weaken, leaving the skin with less support, something that, naturally, can make fat cells more visible.

Therefore, it is essential to take care of your skin and hydrate it, as a simple exfoliation and a nourishing cream can really make a difference and automatically improve the condition of our skin. But hydrating yourself from the inside out can be crucial, taking care of your appearance can also be important to make you feel better. Wearing body makeup can be a good option if the presence of cellulite is imminent.

Some experts argue that metabolism may also have some influence on this topic. People who do not metabolize glucose properly may suffer from greater skin swelling, while those who have greater difficulty metabolizing sodium may experience a greater presence of cellulite on their legs.

Although cellulite does not disappear completely, it can be reduced with proper care and better control of fluid retention.

What else can be done to minimize the presence of cellulite?

Cellulite is linked to the entire body, which is why it will not be enough for us to find just one product to combat it. It's not just a diet, skin or fat problem. For this reason, we cannot simply try to eliminate it in an external way (because it is something visible), but we must try to discover and understand the simple habits that can remedy the situation, namely:

  • Drink more water (if you have the option, choose to drink mineral water labeled with little dry residue and sodium);
  • Exfoliate your body for 30 seconds a day (make quick, small movements on the skin; products that contain caffeine in their composition can be very useful at this point);
  • Eat oat bran soup (the fibrous shell that surrounds the grains is rich in fiber and protein, absorbing its own volume of water and helping to eliminate waste, something that is really good for combating bloating and fluid retention );
  • Walking, running, swimming, cycling and eliminating more sedentary habits, which largely contribute to increasing cellulite;
  • Add magnesium salts to your bath twice a week for 20 minutes to help control fluid retention;
  • Use hot and cold water to eliminate swelling (use the shower to alternate between warm and cold water, from ankles to hips).

It is really important that most of these habits are implemented on a regular basis in your daily life, as there will be no point in using a cream with a miracle formula if you are not putting at least some of these simple changes into practice.

the right diet

Eating more regularly can be important – not to eliminate cellulite, but to prevent it from developing further. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid foods rich in salt and sugar, as well as carbohydrates and plant-based diets (which are hydrophilic and encourage fluid retention).

The best thing to do is to adopt a diet rich in proteins, which will help you lose weight without losing muscle tone, something that can be very beneficial. In short, protein and water are a strong combination for treating cellulite. Therefore, if you want to combat it, the best thing to do is include them in your diet and follow all the tips we gave you above. Remember that even if you can't eliminate the problem entirely, the important thing is to find the necessary motivation to at least try to reduce it and, consequently, feel better about yourself.

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