Want Amazing Skin? Sleep Could Be the Answer

Deseja Uma Pele Incrível? Dormir Pode Ser a Resposta

Immaculate skin, innocent silk touch, " I woke up like this ". Or, at least, we would like it to be that way, wouldn't we? One of the biggest secrets to improving our skin is knowing how to get adequate beauty sleep.

A bad night's sleep can cause puffy eyes, paler skin, more wrinkles and expression lines, among many other unpleasant consequences. The greatest internal and epidermal recoveries happen while we sleep. During sleep, our skin's blood flow increases and our body's largest organ rebuilds its collagen and repairs the damage that occurs on a daily basis.

It is in this sense that it is important to reflect on some easy ways to maximize the relationship between the quality of our sleep and the beauty of our skin. To sleep longer and better, take our Better Sleep Gummies and to take care of your skin, take note of some simple tips that you can start putting into practice tonight.

Wash your face before going to sleep.

Sleeping is undoubtedly a surefire way to help your skin recover from the damage caused by UV rays, not forgetting that the muscles in our face relax after a long day when we enjoy a deep sleep. It is important to clarify that cleaning your face every night is undoubtedly more important than in the morning.

Use a moisturizer at night and place a glass of water on your bedside table.

When we wash our skin before going to sleep, we can end up drying it out too, something that ends up dehydrating it (especially if the environment in which you sleep is very dry). Drinking water can help us stay more hydrated, but there is nothing more important than using an ideal night cream. Another viable option is to use a sleeping mask at night.

Sleep the recommended 8 hours.

The best way to improve our skin and our health is to get the recommended amount of rest every night. If you have difficulty falling asleep, visit our Sleep Tight Range .

Raise your head.

Elevating our head has been proven to improve acid reflux and nasal drip (problems that can disrupt the quality of our sleep and our skin). In this way, dark circles located below our eyes are also avoided.

Choose the ideal pillowcase.

Silk pillow covers cause less irritation to our skin and hair and are also a cleaner, softer sleeping surface. Silk ends up being gentler on sensitive skin when compared to cotton, as the latter's friction is conducive to the creation of pimples.

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