How to Save Your Skin and Hair After the Holidays

Como Salvar a Pele e o Cabelo Depois das Férias

If you haven't started working yet, you're probably already counting your vacation days on your fingers. Sunbathing and taking a dip in the sea or pool is therapeutic. However, you can't forget to treat your skin and hair after your vacation. After all, no one wants to go back to their work routine looking unkempt, right?

One of women's main concerns is aging. However, sometimes we forget the importance of sunscreen. Your skin needs to protect itself from UV rays, which can later cause wrinkles, redness, moles and even changes in your skin's pigmentation.

Excessive sun exposure requires you to always carry body and face protectors in your beach bag. Lighter skin tones are the most sensitive and, therefore, it is not always UV rays that make them more irritated, as heat also makes them less tolerant. If you go to the beach and your skin turns red, even though you're in the shade, put your thermal water in the freezer and take it with you. When you feel too hot, spray it on your face to cool down and avoid redness.

Moving on to bathing, sea water is great, as it is rich in amino acids and minerals, such as magnesium. Chlorine, on the other hand, is the main culprit of skin irritation and peeling.

What care should you take with your skin after sun exposure?

Skin-damaging free radicals continue to cause damage after the holidays. Therefore, take several precautions to remedy the situation and not damage it further:

  • Wash your face with a deep cleansing gel and avoid products with retinol and hydroxy acids — these ingredients will make the skin more reactive;
  • Use an antioxidant moisturizer to restore skin from redness and inflammation;
  • Choose a cream rich in ceramide so that you can take care of your dry skin, while leaving its barrier hydrated.

Hair can also become dry and dehydrated. Chlorine in swimming pools is your worst enemy, as hair absorbs this product, which causes your hair to lose its natural oils. Furthermore, swimming pools are not recommended for women with dyed hair. Chlorine, as a lightening agent, can turn blonde a green color and dark hair tends to become dull and lifeless.

Sun rays also harm the health of your hair. Excessive exposure to them can lead to a loss of hair proteins, causing a greater tendency for hair loss.

And with hair, what care should we take after the holidays?

It all starts when it’s time to pack your bags. If you have colored hair, bring your own shampoo, conditioner and even a mask to protect your hair from the heat. The mask can be applied before leaving home for the beach and care should continue after the summer. Also, don't forget to follow the following three points:

  • Natural hair also requires care during and after vacation. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner;
  • After vacation, avoid using hairdryers or curling irons, as this will make your hair drier. Take the opportunity to appreciate your hair as it is;
  • After showering or whenever you feel necessary, apply one or two drops of moisturizing oil to add shine to your hair.

If your hair is really damaged or your skin has an apparently chronic problem, look for experts to advise you.

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