How to Reduce Abdominal Bloating?

Como Reduzir o Inchaço Abdominal?

Abdominal bloating is an almost universal reality. We all, at some point, suffer from this discomfort, which happens when the abdomen feels full and tense. As a rule, bloating occurs due to the accumulation of gas in a certain place in the gastrointestinal tract, making the belly appear larger than normal.

What causes could be behind abdominal bloating?

According to Medical News Today , bloating generally happens when excess gas builds up in the stomach or intestine. When bloating occurs shortly after a meal, it usually resolves itself, but it is possible to speed up this process.

The best way to combat this problem is to try to determine its cause, which may be related to:

  • Digestive problems (including constipation, food allergies and other intolerances);
  • The type of food (little fiber in the diet, a lot of salt or a lot of sugar can be reasons for greater bloating);
  • Hormonal changes (before or after menstruation, this phenomenon is quite common).

What can be done to reduce this discomfort?

Exercising can make your intestines move more regularly, which can help release excess gas. To stop constipation, the best thing is to keep your bowels moving and, for example, take a daily walk. Some yoga positions can also be very helpful on this topic, as some position the abdominal muscles in a way that encourages the release of excess gas, reducing bloating.

In addition to these, there are other tips to try to overcome this problem, namely:

  • Give an abdominal massage (massages that follow the path of the large intestine are very effective);
  • Take a hot bath and relax (the heat of the bath can provide relief to the abdomen, and relaxation, in turn, reduces stress and helps the intestinal tract to function more fluidly).

What long-term solutions are there?

For certain types of swelling, quick fixes are not always the most effective. However, certain changes in everyday life can greatly contribute to combating the main causes of this problem, such as:

  • Increase fiber consumption gradually;
  • Replace soft drinks with water (fizzy drinks contain gas that can accumulate in the stomach, and the carbon dioxide they produce can also cause swelling in this organ);
  • Avoid chewing gum;
  • Eat several simpler meals every day, rather than opting for one big meal (this will help keep your digestive system moving);
  • Taking probiotics (probiotics are “good bacteria” that live in the intestine, and taking them as a supplement can help regulate the intestinal microbiota;
  • Understand whether there is a specific medical condition responsible for triggering abdominal swelling by consulting a doctor.

How do you know if abdominal bloating represents another health problem?

It is important to consult a doctor to evaluate the causes of persistent swelling. Although not common, swelling of the abdomen can signify medical conditions such as liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, heart failure or kidney problems.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis, advice or treatment. No information contained in this article or otherwise provided on is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any patient or should be considered as medical advice or the practice of medicine.

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