Pink Calcite Crystal


Pink Calcite, also known as "Stone of Forgiveness", is a carbonate mineral of deep spiritual resonance. In addition to being a facilitator for the awakening of higher consciousness, it has a powerful calming effect, promoting an atmosphere of understanding and compassion.


Benefits and Properties:
Spiritual Awakening: Pink Calcite serves as a window to higher dimensions and deepens the connection with one's spiritual self;
Intellectual Enhancement: It has the power to calm the mind and expand memory, improving retention and understanding capacity;
Healing and Relief: In addition to its emotional and spiritual benefits, Pink Calcite also brings relief to intestinal and skin conditions, stimulates blood clotting and accelerates tissue healing;
Children's Sleep Protector: Helps children sleep better, protecting them from nightmares.

Astrology and Elements:
Chakras: Heart Chakra (promotes love, empathy and forgiveness);
Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn;
Elements: Water.

Usage Tips:
Harmonized Environment: The simple presence of this crystal in the environment is capable of purifying and raising all vibrations in the place. To create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation, add it to spaces in your home;
Study and Meditation: Place the crystal in your study or meditation area to increase concentration and spiritual connection.

Appreciate and care for your Pink Calcite crystal, respecting its energy and properties. Crystals act as complementary therapies and should not replace medical consultations and treatments.