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LELO Gold Plated Vibrator — YVA™ — Pre-Order


Pre-Sale Article

Available in stainless steel or 24-carat gold, the YVA is more than just a handcrafted massager: it's a sexual jewel and a perfect lifestyle accessory for exploring different temperatures and sensations. Whether you choose the warmth of gold or the coolness of smooth steel, what you receive is an item tailor-made for more intense pleasure. Once you buy it, it will be made specifically for you.


Materials:24K gold / stainless steel
Battery:Li-Ion 200mAh
Charge:2 hours at 5.0V 500mA
Usage time:up to 7 hours
Standby:up to 90 days
Noise level:<50dB (low noise levels)
Interface:variable interface, 5 modes (from gentle to intense pulsations)

Completely safe;
The materials are thoroughly tested and certified safe for the body;
Refined presentation for sensual gifts;
Smooth and elegant, sculpted to stimulate all external erogenous zones;
24 karat gold / Stainless steel;
Five stimulation modes;
Gentle or intense pulsations;
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery;
2 hours of charging = 4 hours of pleasure;
Completely waterproof and easy to clean;
Fully rechargeable via USB for portable use;
1 year warranty.

How to use:Apply lubricant to enjoy more intense moments of pleasure. Start slowly and increase the intensity little by little. Apply the vibrations to your erogenous zones and enjoy different sensations until you experience a double climax.