Opal/Dolomite Crystal


Opal is one of the versions of Moonstone and symbolizes the connection with the natural cycles of life, while Dolomite is known for its healing properties, especially in the dermatological area . This crystal is a mix of the two, creating a powerful harmonizing stone.


Benefits and Properties:
Hormonal Regulator: Helps balance hormonal fluctuations, minimizing PMS symptoms and strengthening fertility;
Self-Love Amplifier: During periods of emotional tension, this crystal fosters feelings of love and self-understanding;
Emotional Stabilizer: Acts as an anchor during the menstrual cycle, helping to stabilize mood and provide mental clarity;
Spiritual Stimulation: Awakens the connection with the divine feminine and intensifies spirituality;
Attracting Positive Vibrations: Emits good vibrations that improve the atmosphere of environments and encourage creativity.

Astrology and Elements:
Chakras: Heart Chakra (promotes love, empathy and forgiveness);
Zodiac: Crab;
Water element.

Usage Tips:
Calm Environment: To create a space that supports your menstrual cycle, place the crystal in your bedroom;
Menstrual Meditation: During meditation, hold the crystal or place it over your Heart Chakra, allowing its gentle energy to flow through you.

Treat Opal-Dolomite with respect and absorb its powerful feminine energy. Crystals act as complementary therapies and should not replace medical consultations and treatments.