Fluorite Crystal


Known as the stone of mental clarity and serenity, Fluorite is a mineral composed of calcium fluoride. This crystal helps neutralize harmful energies from technological devices and serves as a window to internal balance and self-understanding.


Benefits and Properties:
Natural Purifier: Fluorite purifies the aura, revitalizing spiritual, mental and sexual energy, and provides a feeling of peace and balance;
Strengthened Mind: Broadens awareness, strengthens the mind and helps to find answers and solutions in a calm and focused way;
Refuge Against Technological Pollution: Neutralizes the harmful effects of rays emitted by technological devices, offering protection against electronic pollution;
Renewal and Positivity: Helps rejuvenate the skin and encourages a more positive outlook on life;
Immune Defense: Amplifies the strength of the immune system, contributing to a healthy body.

Astrology and Elements:
Chakras: Heart Chakra (love and empathy), Throat Chakra (clear communication), Third Eye Chakra (intuition and clarity);
Zodiac: Capricorn and Pisces;
Elements: Air and Water.

Usage Tips:
Meditation and Intuition: During meditation, place Fluorite in the center of the forehead to increase intuition and perception;
Harmonized Environment: Add this crystal to your space to purify the environment and emanate peaceful vibrations.

Take care of and respect your Fluorite, connecting with its pacifying energy. Crystals act as complementary therapies and should not replace medical consultations and treatments.